Application Form

2022 XPECORE Sports Bodywork Mentorship

at XPE Sports in FT Lauderdale, FL

    1. Professional resume with education and work experience.
    1. Proof of licensure and Professional Liability insurance.
    1. Two(2) letters of recommendation – one from a teacher or supervisor and one from a client or colleague.
    1. Professional vision statement on your experience/interest in working with elite athletes and participating in an integrated sports medicine team.
    1. Personal statement of your health goals and current fitness level, including an explanation of any chronic issues, recent injuries and/or surgeries.
    1. All current contact information (phone, email, mailing address).
    1. Date of birth and current photo.
  1. Week of attendance (see dates below)

Please send your completed application and application fee of $75.00 to:

CORE Institute, 2084 Railroad Vine Dr.,Apt 201,Odessa, FL 33556, or email to: Credit cards can be processed by calling Patty Kousaleos at 850-445-7903.


                                             2022 Program Dates                                                                                                      Week 1 –January 16-21, 2022

                                             Week 2 – Reunion- January 23-28, 2022

                                             Week 3 -February 6-11, 2022

                                             Week 4 – February 13-18, 2022